Do you ask how to record the Dakar from the inside? (with video)

Cómo se graba el Dakar desde dentroIf you are a fervent follower of the competition, you are sure to be interested in how you recorded the races. In the circuit, as in Formula 1, you can see the operators of the camera around the path, picking up shots, but what happens when the circuit is a sea of sand and dunes? Well, that we wanted to show the organization of the most demanding rally in the world. So is how to record the Dakar from the inside.

The Dakar rally has given the beginning of a year, of time without too many results due to the cancellation of the first stage. But last year they played a rally that left us with magnificent shots of video and images that we, in the various programmes of follow-up, we have been able to see in our house. Everything has a job behind that now we discover in video.


The team of photography and video tells us from within their experiences and what it means to follow the Dakar caravan during its two-week duration. Tell us a few details as they have to wake up even before the pilots to navigate to the places where you will be the protagonists of the race. All of this immersed in extensive sunrises in land completely unspoilt and secluded.

covers the race from the ground and from the air with helicopters. Will travel about 20,000 kilometers during the race to cover the stories that then we see, always looking for the most beautiful places where to shoot the picture or record the image. Definitely an interesting interview that describes probably one of the most interesting work, and tired, related to the motor world.

Source – Dakar