Do you carry children in the trunk of your Tesla Model S? Careful, the police might stop you

Although the Tesla Model S is known for many things, one of the more curious is the possibility of installing two seats in the rear luggage compartment and in the opposite direction to the march. This solution, which enables large families to maximize the space of your vehicle electrical, still bumping up the bulk of the passers-by. We never know who we may be watching, and if not that you will ask the driver of this Tesla Model S that was chased by the police after the notice of a stranger alerting about a man who got a few kids in the trunk… the fright of the one and the other of a reflection.

Carry people in the trunk of your Tesla Model S is it possible and legal, another thing is that we are used to seeing this utility

The case does not cease to be an anecdote about how the society has to get used to certain changes. The Tesla Model S is a car revolutionary for many things, but certainly the appearance of their additional seats in the trunk is one of the most striking. Until the arrival of the Model S we have seen many ideas of how to take advantage of the boot space to locate additional seating, but it was Tesla who has taken advantage of the interior space, which provides electric propulsion to give a twist to this idea.


, in the U.S. it is totally legal to use these additional seats that go in the opposite direction to the motion of the vehicle. But, if when you go to the supermarket someone sees you as you get a few kids in the trunk, it quickly generates an alarm that makes you think bad. A stranger, after seeing as the owner of a Tesla Model S would get their children into the trunk, he called the police to alert them to the situation. In this way, the Tesla Model S passed to be searched for, found and pursued until his arrest. Once the patrol discovered the reality of the situation, everything, was in a few laughs, but for sure that until that moment he had to be quite uncomfortable to give explanations.