Do you doubt the effectiveness of the Autopilot Tesla? Attentive

Tesla Autopilot 8.0

Probably the car brand of the year worldwide Tesla, not by its sales data, but by all that he has given that talk. The company of Elon Musk anticipates the future with its leading technology, producing luxury vehicles, and electrical with a high and efficient driving aids, which are the prelude to the driving-autonomous total.

Much has been talked about in the last few months of its set of aid and assistances to the driving, that encompasses all of them in the system “Autopilot”. few months Ago we met the first case of death at the controls of a model of the company, when a unit colisionaba against a truck while the cited Autopilot was in operation. Tesla is defended on the grounds that the Autopilot is a set of aid, not an autopilot”.

Reason you lack to Elon Musk, and that Tesla makes it very clear that the driver must be attentive at all times to the driving, for a lot of the system a name that can give rise to misunderstandings. A few months ago we met the operation and the advantages of a new update, which improved even more the safety of the traffic. there is No better test to ensure a very high level of security offered by the Autopilot that the following video. Sure that will attract as much attention as us.

The Tesla Model S is circulating behind an Opel Corsa. Occurs a retention and the brake lights begin to make an act of presence. The German model does not react in time, colliding eventually with the preceding vehicle and making it tip over. The Tesla Model S is stopped and does not reach to the vehicles involved, . Up to here everything may seem normal but what is most curious is that a few moments before the Opel Corsa shock, the Model S has already warned the driver of the risk of collision with a audible alarm and after a few moments, has initiated the braking autonomous, 2 or 3 seconds before the impact.

road safety one of the most important factors is the advance, in addition to prudent driving, the reflexes and the safety distance. The video has shown us that the level of safety of these products of the company belonging to Elon Musk, can be even higher than that of any driver, with a high prediction and effectiveness.

Source – DVHardware

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