Do you got a ticket for exceeding 70 km/h on the M30 for high pollution? Nothing happens

Contaminación en madrid M30Although when we talk about fines, take the information with tweezers, it seems that the city Hall of Madrid is willing to to forgive the fines for exceeding the 70 km/h of maximum speed on the M30 Madrid last week. The episode of high pollution, which can be a repeat of this week, caused a speed limit abnormal accompanied by sanctions that now appears not to be studying.

The delegate of Health, Safety and Emergencies Javier Barbero announced that the limitation to 70 km/h on the M30 had been imposed for reasons of health and without desire collection. In this way, stated that he did not believe that the fines for exceeding the speed were to be studied. And it is not for less.

Ampliación del Área de Prioridad Residencial Madrid 2015circulated by the M30 the days of being limited to the last week percatarían, with a lot of security, of the amount of devices of the mobile radar that had been distributed by various bridges of the M30. They were there to ensure the compliance of the new rate set, and were able to manage up to 165 offenders.

With the data in hand seem to just a few. In fact, Barber claimed that the measure had been very well adopted by the citizens, and that as an exceptional case, those few fines would not end in the pocket of the offenders. Now, he warns that if they are repeated episodes of contamination and the speed restrictions, will not be so benevolent.

Contaminación en madridThis, in addition to relieve the pocket of those who for one reason or another failed to respect the limit of 70 km/h, leaves us with the question of the actual effectiveness of the measure. There has been much discussion about whether the reduction in speed has an impact or not on the polluting emissions, but the city Council seems to now put a dot of doubt in your decision.

In any case, you have to be alert of next episodes of high pollution in Madrid, which could occur this week because of the weather that accompanies us. If so, will the restrictions and the Council does not happen, if it does not change again of opinion, with ablandamientos at the time of fining those who exceed the speed limits.

Source – Europa Press