Do you have a sense Mercedes GLC Coupe and BMW X4? Yes, very much so

In a few hours what we will see, although the images that illustrate this article, it will show it to you practically as they arrive at the dealers. The Mercedes GLC Coupe is presented in the Lounge of New York as one of the flagships of Mercedes-Benz for this year. And what is the Mercedes GLC Coupe? Because it is not anything other than a stylized version, it looks more sporty, lightweight, rear overhang, and a roof with a fall more soft, that tries to resemble the look of a coupe. We speak essentially of a derived version of the Mercedes GLC, which we already know, as well as the BMW X4 could be considered as a derivative of its closest relative, the BMW X3. Does it make sense to launch this type of models?

With automatic transmission and four-wheel drive, there is hardly a difference of€ 3,000 between BMW X4 and BMW X3.

While a BMW X3 starts in Spain around the 40.450€, the BMW X4 does in 49.200€, an important difference that is not only justified because of the existence of some differences in their engine offerings, but also by the fact that the X4 is, in any version you choose, more expensive than its brother, the X3. The basic and easiest version of the BMW X4 at the moment is a xDrive 20i, 184 HP, four-wheel drive, and automatic transmission. That same version of the BMW X3 is located about 3.000€ below the X4.

The difference between one and another so it is not as pronounced, although we have to take on this additional payment, and the penalty for practicality and space, in favor of a design more daring and more athletic.


The bitter struggle of the premium in the category of sedan, and the compact, has been transferred to the SUV, and the niches more specific of the range SUV.

With the new Mercedes GLC Coupe will happen something very similar (as has also happened between GLE and GLE Coupe). It is likely that the Mercedes GLC Coupe to be positioned around the 52,000€, we assume that with the diesel engines of 170 HP and petrol 211 HP that we have already seen in the Mercedes GLC, with four-wheel drive and automatic change. Although it is logical that the range GLC and GLC Coupe to grow, below, to increase the spectrum of buyers.

This war is not being waged in the trenches of traditional

BMW and Mercedes-Benz are locked in a battle to become the true king of the premium at the global level, a battle dominated by the German trio. This war is not only waged in the trenches-traditional, in the sedan of mid-range (C-Class, A4 and 3 Series), and even in the compact to use (A-Class, A3 and 1-Series). SUVS have become the most popular models, cost-effective and conducive to the growth of the premium in markets as important as China and the united States.

And not just that. The premium are increasingly looking to increase the margin of growth of their brands, betting on niches becoming more concrete, so concrete that a priori we could be almost residual.


BMW sold in 2015 in Spain almost as many units of X4 as X3.

Now, let’s go with the concrete figures of these models. BMW has managed to place two models in the 6 SUV premium compact sold in Europe. The BMW X3 closed 2015 with 45.609 units sold in Europe. And even though the BMW X4 is not approached, much less to those figures, yes, closed, 2015, with a result superb, with 23.380 units.

If we focus on Spain, we percataremos that the figures are even more incredible and favorable for the BMW X4. The BMW X3 closed 2015 with 2.366 units registered, but the BMW X4 is not came up so far, closing the year with 1.728 units registered, surpassing even the 1.603 units of the BMW X5.

Now we just wait to see how will the Spanish market, the Mercedes GLC Coupe. But if we consider that Mercedes-Benz already boasts of selling the premium SUVS more popular in Spain, the Mercedes GLA, which sells out every year almost as many units as the Class (in 2015 were 7.362 units for GLA, and 8.234 units for Class A), we do not be the slightest doubt that the figures of this new GLC Coupe could surprise us, and much.

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