Do you have a Tesla Roadster? You can already apply for the new package of batteries

Tesla Roadster

The Tesla Roadster receives a new packet of batteries to increase their autonomy.

a Lot has been talking about whether the Tesla Roadster is the model “forgotten” by Tesla Motors since they came on the market the Model S, no one can deny that it passed to a second, and even third plane. However, it has not really been so since the company led by Elon Musk has always been followed with due attention to this convertible electric.

Proof of this are the various software upgrades for the Tesla Roadster that arrived as well as, in this case, the new batteries. In particular, it has opened the veda to which the owners of a Tesla Roadster can apply for the new battery pack with which we will enjoy greater autonomy. We discussed the possibility of touring up to 547 miles with a single charge.

With a deposit of $ 5,000 (4,500 euros), Tesla Motors is already taking orders for this new package of batteries. Many customers already have rushed to make their particular order since the average wait time for the reception of the batteries will be several months. Currently Tesla Motors can only supply a few packages of batteries a week, so that if the demand continues to grow, the wait time also will do the same.

Tesla Roadster - posterior

With these new batteries, the Tesla Roadster can go up to 547 miles on a single charge.

The total price of the upgrade to equip these
new battery is 29,000 dollars (26.190 euros). And although it may seem a
very high number, the manufacturer of electric cars highlights requires significant labor and
. To this we must add the work required to remove,
update and re-install the module of power electronics (PEM).

while the company has not entered into many details on the variation of the benefits and other details, from Tesla Motors indicate that a test unit of the Tesla Roadster equipped with these new batteries was able to make the journey between the city of Los Angeles and San Francisco on a single charge. A fact very encouraging for the more than 2,000 owners of the Tesla Roadster that are registered.

In the range of the model of Tesla Motors, this version will be marketed under the tag R80. And it is that will make reference to the capacity of the batteries, that will rub 80 kWh.