Do you have a Toyota RAV4 2016? The range debuts new and interesting accessories

Toyota RAV4 2016 - accesorios

The roof bars longitudinal increase the country feel of the Toyota RAV4.

If you have a new Toyota RAV4 or RAV4 Hybrid, you’re in luck, and that is that the guys from Toyota Spain have decided to extend the possibilities of configuration and customization of this well-known SUV by introducing a new range of original accessories for both models. It is a wide and varied range of accessories geared to different areas.

Among other accessories, we will find in the range of the RAV4 in Spain, the system of assistance when parking front and rear, alarm, or the navigation system Toyota Touch2&GO and Toyota Touch2&GO Plus. To this we must add the hitch ball (available in fixed version or removable) with their respective mounting kits or the new longitudinal bars to the roof, which apart from being very practical, they accentuate the character of the countryside of this SUV.

In those bars you can put different chests luggage rack, portaesquíes or bicycle rack (also available in the range) as well as a support for four pairs of skis or two snowboards.

Toyota RAV4 2016 - accesorios

long journeys with children will be more enjoyable with these rear screens and their respective headphones.

we must Also echo the new customization options and finishes. And is that to the outside we can choose one of the new designs of alloy wheels, protections for car body and exterior paint, while on the inside, are added developments such as upholstery, floor mats, rubber or a plate protector for the trunk.

Other accessories that will also be available for the Toyota RAV4 and RAV4 Hybrid are the steps of door-aluminum with logo from Toyota illuminated, a portable fridge or new models of child seats. And for the entertainment of the little ones of the house, the “crown jewel”. And is that it is already available in the range rear entertainment system “Rear Entertainment System” (RES).

it Is a system that includes a support multi-purpose where you can install a system, portable DVD player and/or a stand for iPad. Located just under the headrests of the front seats, is the base where you will connect this type of accessories. You may choose between two modalities: with power (required for the displays of the DVD and to load the iPad) or without power supply (to act as a stand for iPad only).

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 2016

The range of Toyota RAV4 Hybrid also debuts new protections for the body.

system portable DVD is composed of two TFT screens 7 inches with DVD/CD player and USB connection and SD card slot. It also includes a remote control and, optionally, a wireless headset,.