Do you have also been souped-up with the new engines 2.0 TDI (MY2016) of Volkswagen in the united States?

I Sincerely believe that, beyond the gravity of the own case of the TDI of Volkswagen, one of the major problems that we are facing is the lack of information. When you do not have sufficient data on the extent of the fraud, or fixes that will require each engine to achieve emissions consistent with the regulations for which it was approved, the rumors are growing, the customers are positioned in the worst, and begin to emerge news that increase, even more, such a concern. The last had to do with the engine 2.0 TDI last generation, according to the Associated Press are being investigated for being suspected of including a illegal software.

Volkswagen is faced with the double problem of discredit, of its customers, and the authorities that are responsible for monitoring the solution of the engines TDI affected, and that will put more momentum in order to prevent the re-use tricks such as found in the united States. That is not only going to affect Volkswagen. Very probably it will affect the entire industry, in both cure monitoring and is likely to be instituted protocols more extensive than avoid these tricks, and others who until now had not raised any suspicion.

To increase the suspicions about Volkswagen, , EPA has focused attention on the behavior of the new engines 2.0 TDI present in the MY2016 marketed in the united States. And, more specifically, in a feature designed to reduce emissions. Volkswagen had communicated to the , EPA the existence of such a function and, before the scandal, and the doubts that she woke up, chose to delay the approval of the engine in the united States and stop the sales.

volkswagen-llamada-a-revision-3To stop the sales of the vehicles equipped with this engine, Volkswagen had to face another problem, that of having a stock of thousands – according to the Associated Press – car Beetle, Golf and Jetta, in quarantine on the ports that are in charge of the logistics. Also they would be in quarantine versions diesel of the Volkswagen Passat made in Chattanooga, in the united States.

, Apparently, the system, which has awakened all the suspicions would be responsible for the regeneration of the systems of pollution to reduce their emissions. Both the particle filters, such as traps of NOx, require a regeneration process in which the filters reaches a temperature sufficient to remove waste. That regeneration requires that the engine to rise slightly his regime momentarily, with the consequent higher consumption of fuel. But the regeneration is necessary, not only to keep the emissions, but also to avoid breakdowns. If you’re using a diesel with a particle filter it is likely that at some point you’ve noticed the operation of regeneration of the filter when you find yourself in the scorecard with a notice, similar, or equal, to the engine failure. Notice that in a few minutes it shuts off.

The presence of such a system does not denote a fraud, no much less. The problem is that the system alters its operation in the conditions of approval. According to Volkswagen, the strategy of the system would accelerate the warming of the systems in charge of reducing the emissions of NOx for which, in addition, to regenerate, to function with greater effectiveness.

volkswagen-llamada-a-revision-1In principle, it does not appear that the technique is to be considered as a trick to disguise your approval of emissions. If your operation was able to adapt to the conditions of approval, so that this operation would be different when valued in real-world conditions, this would be a problem. A big problem for Volkswagen, as the presence of second illegal techniques could not be considered as an isolated case, but as a usual strategy of employing illegal techniques to adulterate their emissions. We talked about greater sanctions and a high probability that the criminal responsibilities end up affecting the makers of the brand.

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