Do you have gone mad Jeep? Confirmed: there will be a Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellcat

Jeep wants to confront the BMW X5 M, Range Rover Sport SVR and wants to make it out of the hand of a Jeep Grand Cherokee with extra muscle and a big heart, a Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellcat, yes, Hellcat and best of all is that Michael Manley, CEO of Jeep, what has been confirmed and has put the date of your arrival.

In a statement to Car & Driver from the Hall of Detroit, Michael Manley has confirmed that in 2017 we’ll see a Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellcat, a Grand Cherokee, yes, will be animated by the already known V8 6.2-liter.

let us Remember that thanks to this propeller the Charger and Challenger SRT Hellcat are reaching a power of 717 horses, which should make the Grand Cherokee, taking into account such power and its dimensions, one of the cars more beasts of those who populate our streets.

New suspension to make it more sporty, to reduce its height relative to the floor, new brakes to stop such a cavalry, a chassis stronger able to digest the effects of this powered V8, with an aesthetic more aggressive… only bad news, we’ll have to wait to 2017 to meet him.

Months ago we came the first rumors about it, began to shuffle then have the possibility to find this Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellcat, and we wondered without Jeep would be able to make a reality of such madness… it seems that, yes, in Jeep, by luck, are feeling crazy enough.