Do you have the spare 2.7 million euros? You can buy a Lamborghini Sesto Element


One of the 20 units of the Lamborghini Sesto Element that were manufactured for sale.

With a production limited to 20 units and a design/mechanics so radical that it was not approved for use on the road, the Lamborghini Sesto Element is one of the more exclusive models and end created by the Italian manufacturer. Since it was introduced a few years ago, provided that it has been known that one of the units produced looking for new owner has been in the news. And the same is true in this moment.

If you are lucky enough to have in your wallet 2.7 million euros, you should know that you have at hand get a Lamborghini Sesto Element. In the “history” by Lamborghini, the Sesto Element is defined as one of the masterpieces of the company. A model with which the brand of Sant’agata Bolognese wanted to redefine the future of supercars more extreme.

But, back to the unit that will soon be for sale, will be marketed in London (Uk) through Opulent Automotive. And even if you do not yet have a final price, already anticipated that will be available (approximately) from 2,65 million euros, not counting taxes and other fees. Do and best of all? Is that has only traveled 10 miles in all this time.


Very soon it will be available in London for more than 2.7 million euros.

Although the Sesto Element can only be conducted on circuits as well we have said it is not approved for street in these years that have passed since it was presented we can say that we are before one of the 20 units with less mile than there are in the world. Many collectors have already placed their crosshairs on this unit because of the great opportunity that is presented before them.

With an empty weight of only 999 kilograms, the structure of the Lamborghini Sesto Element is extremely lightweight thanks to an advanced use of carbon fiber and other lightweight materials of last generation. In its bowels, we find a huge V10 engine of 5.2 liters that yields a power of 610 HP and 540 Nm of maximum torque. It is associated to a system of all-wheel drive permanent, and a change of robotized e-gear.

Thanks to such a mechanical beast created by Lamborghini is capable of accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds and achieve a maximum speed of 365 km/h. Has a relationship to power-to-weight of 1.75 Kg/HP. Some figures of the scandal for this “track car” that looks for owner. By the way, in pictures we see the official pictures of Lamborghini as the dealer that sold this unit to the Sesto Element has not posted any photo.