Do you have the spare two million euros? This beautiful BMW 507 Roadster can be yours

This beautiful BMW 507 Series II goes to auction today in New York

There are vehicles that are a real gem. A proof of this is this spectacular BMW 507 Roadster Series II that despite being a sport with more than 55 years old presents a state impeccable. Do you like it? Well if you’re interested it can be yours although I advance that it is unattainable for most of us.

An exclusive roadster classic from 1959, one of the most beautiful BMW

This precious roadster 1959 goes to auction today-organised by RM Sotheby’s in New York. Listed as one of the vehicles most beautiful designed by BMW, only were built 217 units of this Series II of 507. The star of the auction is one of the last ones made and part of its unsurpassed state of preservation is thanks to a complete restoration of its interior in 1980.

Aesthetically it combines an elegant black tone body in contrast with the conspicuous red colour of the upholstery complete the interior. As a sport of the old school, has a great engine manufactured in aluminum 3.2 liters in front and eight cylinders in V that transmitted 148 HP by using a change four-speed manual.

interior, attractive red tone, is in a state of impeccable preservation

The history of this roadster has passed through various hands including those of Lacklan M. Mackenzie (Staten Island, New York) before the decade of the 70’s, in addition to that it was at least 10 years property Shane O’neil, the grandson of the founder of RKO Pictures, which is considered as one of the five studios of the golden age of Hollywood.

The auction house estimated that the sports will be able to reach an estimated retail value of between 2.3 and $ 2.6 million what the change is equivalent to between 2.1 and 2.38 million euros. For some, dreams can become a reality while for others, they will remain dreams.