Do you hear that? It is the heartbeat of the Beast of the Nürburgring, the first gorgoteos of the new Mercedes-AMG GT R

Mercedes continues heating up the atmosphere before the launch of the new sports AMG, Mercedes-AMG GT R (see video preview of the Mercedes-AMG GT R) willing to convert to the Mercedes-AMG GT in a car even more sporty and radical. From the brand have dubbed him as “the beast of the green hell,” and one of the recent developments leave us already hear the roar of your V8.

In a nod to those horror movies filmed with camera in hand, in first person, Mercedes and leaves us with the wild purr of the Mercedes-AMG GT R, GT R which, remember, will be presented next June 24, coinciding with the Festival of Speed Goodwood.

For now, Mercedes has not given us too many details. We’ve seen one official image that highlights the spoiler back and the buckets of your interior and we can imagine that something hatch in Mercedes benz with the Nürburgring if we consider that already it has been nicknamed as “the beast of the Nürburgring”, in only a few days we will leave doubts.

it Is easy to think that the V8 of 4 liters cubicaje has been enhanced, at least up to 550 horses. It is easy to also think about new suspension and brakes, less weight… and the aerodynamic improvement is obvious taking into account his rear wing.

what Will Mercedes do a better time on the Nürburgring the Porsche 918 Spyder?Does Nissan contraatacará with the new Nissan GT-R, 2017?

First official video of the Mercedes-AMG GT R: