Do you know little the 367 horsepower of the Audi RS3? MTM solves it

If the 367 horses Audi RS3 you seemed few we have good news. MTM offers us as a preparation for the compact sporty Audi able to take it up a considerable 435 horses. More power, lighter aesthetic touches to the outside of the new details in the interior… time to get the Audi RS3 MTM.

serial Aud RS3 delivery 367 horses and a part from the 59.860 euros

This preparation can be antojar a bit soft if we take into account the MTM already prepared a Audi S3 with 436 horses. Luckily already warn us of that have a RS3 500 horses ready.

The preparation of MTM leads not only to block supercharged 5 in-line cylinders and 2.5 litres cubicaje until the 435 horses but by the way it increases in addition to your pair, to leave us with a total of 605 Nm compared to the 465 Nm original, bearing in mind that power delivery occurs at all four wheels thanks to the system of quattro.

This increase of power and torque well worth the Audi RS3 MTM to reach from standstill to 100 km/h in only 3.9 seconds while its maximum speed is also enhanced to the 300 km/h. The 0 to 200 km/h is performed in only 14.1 seconds.

beyond the power increase we come up with a new game tires Tuberose in 19-inch equipped with tires Michelin Pilot Super Sport, a new exhaust and a sport suspension, furthermore in the paragraph aesthetic with a new front splitter, a new diffuser and rear and an extra touch of carbon on the mirrors.



inside MTM offers us a new steering wheel with inserts in carbon, a material that is also present in some new seats.

The Audi RS3 MTM has a price of 75,000 euros, taking into account that the Audi RS3 of series has a starting price of 59.860 euros. MTM also warns us that they are already working on a second revision of the RS3 willing to reach 500 horses.


Gallery of images of the Audi RS3 prepared by MTM: