Do you know the latest? Christian Bale (Batman) Enzo Ferrari could embody on screen


We follow with great interest all the news surrounding the production of the expected biopic Enzo Ferrari , a film that is sure to delight lovers of scuderia , also of moviegoers. If a few months ago everything pointed to Robert de Niro is put on the skin of Enzo Ferrari, the latest news coming from Hollywood say that chosen could finally be Christian Bale .

Enzo Ferrari and “his” Scuderia a history plagued by misfortune

Bale, known to everyone by his role in the latest trilogy of Batman has played so incredible roles as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho (2000). It was also the scrawny junkie who gave him many awards in The Fighter (2010). According to Deadline, in Hollywood assume that Christian Bale will be Enzo Ferrari, although we know that until not officially confirmed, the likelihood that any actor will do with the role are too high to put your hand in the fire.

The film about Enzo Ferrari is a project of director Michael Mann, who for the past 15 years has longed for the ability to carry it out. The story would pass around 1957, a bloody year for Il Commendatore . After the death of his son Dino, the Marquis Alfonso de Portago died in a Ferrari in the Mille Miglia in a crash that also lose their lives nine spectators. They say that Enzo was such a hard blow himself up in his house for a week, in absolute solitude, without receiving any visitors. The accident would cost Enzo even face a murder investigation.

All we want now is to move the project forward and that within shortest possible, at least be a few years, we can go to the cinema to see this film that certainly promises.

In motor: Robert De Niro will be on the skin of Enzo Ferrari

Enzo Ferrari and “his” Scuderia a history plagued by misfortune

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