Do you know the Leaves of Rescue? This folio can save your life in case of accident

safety is a factor that more force is taking every day at the hour to choose between one vehicle or another, although the exterior design remains the dominant feature. Today there are different technologies that facilitate the work of the emergency teams, the most important until the moment the eCall systems. But we have forgotten that a similar device, a simple sheet of paper, can be just as or more important, than these systems.

Talk of the Leaves of Rescue, a sheet of paper printed in A4 size that schematically shows the most important elements of our vehicle a quick and easy way to identify.


Part of the Leaf to Rescue a van from Mercedes

what is this Sheet of Rescue?

For more than you can imagine. In the case of having the misfortune of suffering a serious traffic accident the time will always run against us and the sooner we rescued the more chance we have to get everything right or as best as possible. In this not nice situation the response time of emergency teams is fundamental. The arrival at the place of the facts will be very fast if we have an eCall system, but once there the Sheet of Rescue can be crucial.

The fire will not have that “to study in situ” our vehicle to know where to cut if we find ourselves within a maze of iron. The Sheet Rescue shown quickly and clearly the location of the essential elements that are of interest to the rescue teams to to know quickly what part of the vehicle can access more easily to us to extract ourselves.


The Volkswagen Golf GTE has more elements identified by their mechanical hybrid plug-in

What information is contained in the Leaf of Rescue?

For example the location of the battery, which is not always in the front, or batteries, and high-voltage components in the case of hybrid or electric vehicles, fuel tank, type of fuel, tightening of the seat belts and even the systems of activation of the airbags.

By the way, if you make modifications in your vehicle as well as the transformation of your car to LPG, you need to modify the sheet in the workshop so that it is up-to-date.


Here the translation of the symbols of the Leaves of Rescue

Where Do I get the Blade of Rescue?

On the web Rescue Sheet is charged to have up-to-date all the information of the Sheets of Rescue permanently and has a directory of links by brand so that you can download the Sheet to Rescue of your car from the website of the manufacturer. Although we have to warn you that most of it is in English or German, but you can download the translation of the symbology used, which is standard to our language.

Leaves of Rescue provided are modern vehicles, so if you have a vehicle relatively old your blade is not available.

I Already have my Sheet of Rescue Now what do I do with it?


do Not forget to paste a badge in the windshield to alert you of the existence of a Sheet of Rescue, and place it in the sunvisor of the driver

The first thing you should know is that it is advisable to print color to facilitate the distinction between elements in the drawing and subsequently plastificarla to avoid that is to degrade and will be useful when the situation requires it. Once we have prepared, we must put it in the sunvisor of the driver as shown in the picture above since in all cases there will be someone and will be the first place where to look at the rescue teams.

above all let us not forget to place a sticker on the windshield, also on the driver’s side, for notice that we have a Sheet of Rescue. This sticker is provided by various entities such as RACC or the RACE, until Europe design a standard.