Do you know what have been the brands and models sold in January?

SEAT Ibiza 2016

As always, the first business day of each month we make a brief review the performance of the sector in terms of sales of a passenger car referred to in the national territory. I don’t just mean the number of sales by each channel, but we also review the brands and best selling models in the period of newly completed as well as the market shares depending on the fuel.

In the 31 days of the year 2017 has registered a total of 84.515 sales of passenger cars. This information implies a growth of 10.7 % with respect to January 2016, but we should also take into account that in January of 2017 we have had two working days more that in the same period of the previous year. If we were to take the average of units sold per business day (19459004]the growth would be almost unnoticeable with a 0,2 %.

Bad news for the channel of the particular, which has shown a 1.7 % in their growth (again compared to January 2016) in the ratio of sales by business day. Probably this loss was due to the disappearance of the Plan PIVE that many sales encouraging. In total we have delivered 45.183 vehicles to individuals, and, without taking into account the two days, more days, this channel has grown by only 8.7 %. The channel has enrolled 26.248 cars, increasing 13.6 % the previous records. There is also growth in the units for rental cars, with 13.084 units show a growth of 12.3 %.

Prueba Opel Corsa OPC

By marks, the best-selling of all has been to Opel 7.297 dealings. We follow Volkswagen and Seat, with 6.625, and 6.523 units respectively. In fourth and fifth place we find Peugeot and Toyota, having delivered 5.749, and 5.648 cars in this month of January. Interesting the growth of Seat, and Toyota, to improve their data with respect to January 2016 52.3 and 33 % respectively.

Leave marks and we went to see what models have been the most demanded in the beginning of this year. In first place we have the Seat Ibiza with 2.455 delivery; and that which has for many years in the market, in fact, we already know its successor model. The second most sold is a compact and also belongs to the Spanish brand, the Seat Leon, with 2.329 units sold. In the third position of this table we have the Volkswagen Golf that treads on the heels of second place with 2.292 cars marketed. The fourth and fifth have been to the range C4 Citroën and Opel Corsa, delivering 2.153 and 1.960 vehicles respectively.

Prueba Toyota C-HR

Time now to take a look at the behavior in terms of market share as their fuel, where we were given a pleasant surprise. Vehicles with thruster gasoline has obtained a market share of 42 %, while the diesel continue to exceed the barrier of 50%, although not with much margin, having represented the for 52.7 % of the total. The surprise that we cited comes from the hand of the hybrid and electric, and in January have taken a significant leap in reaching nothing less than to represent 5.3 % of the market share.

Source – ANIACAM

Seat Ibiza
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