Do you must have steam installed to view? 9,000 euros discount when purchasing a KIA Sorento

KIA Sorento can be a good alternative for all those who are looking for a SUV of great size (with capacity even for 7 seater) without a fall in the prices of the premium brands, an SUV, positioned above the KIA Sportage, which is currently available with a discount that, depending on the version, comes to the 9,000 euros.

The KIA Sorento has a starting price of 29.118 euros:

range of KIA Sorento is available with a unique option mechanics, a propellant diesel of 200 hp, available with both all-wheel-drive as-drive 4X2 and both change as a manual with automatic change leaving us, if we take into account the 3 levels of finish of your range with the following options:

KIA Sorento – Concept – 2.2 CRDI 200 hp (manual, 4X2) – 29.118 euros
KIA Sorento – Drive – 2.2 CRDI 200 hp (manual, 4X2) – 31.793 euros
KIA Sorento – Drive – 2.2 CRDI 200 hp (auto, 4X2) – 33.673 euros
KIA Sorento – Drive – 2.2 CRDI 200 hp (manual, 4X4) – 34.293 euros
KIA Sorento – Drive – 2.2 CRDI 200 hp (auto, 4X4) – 36.173 euros
KIA Sorento – Emotion – 2.2 CRDI 200 hp (manual, 4X4) – 37.993 euros
KIA Sorento – Emotion – 2.2 CRDI 200 hp (auto, 4X4) – 39.873 euros
KIA Sorento – Emotion (Pack Luxury) – 2.2 CRDI 200 hp (auto, 4X4) – 43.073 euros

depending On the motorization, the discount goes from 8.972 to 9.092, when this discount is applied in the published price.

But… what offers us each trim level?


Concept: inside rearview electrochromic, moons, obscured, steering wheel and gear knob, leather-bars on the roof, alloy wheels 17″, front fog lamps, LED daytime running lights, power outside mirrors and climate control bizona.

Drive: with respect to the finished Concept adds interior lighting, pedals in aluminum, rims of 18 inches, panorama sunroof, LED taillights, cruise control, parking sensors front and rear, dimming of the assistance of the direction, power driver seat, bluetooth, on-board computer, browser, camera parking aid, and in addition to a configuration of 7 seats.

Emotion: with respect to the Drive adds a provision of better security, counting now with the system of detection elements in the angle dead, – traffic alert and rear assist system maintenance in the lane in addition to a equipment in which you add the xenon headlights, 19-inch alloy wheels, light sensor and rain, tailgate, hands-free smart key and push-button start, front and rear seats heated, ventilation for the front seats and upholstery in leather.

To over the Pack Luxury impinges on a multimedia system with a larger screen, a camera system with mode 360, steering wheel, heated and optical front adaptive.

is A rival for this KIA Sorento?

If these valuing the purchase of a KIA Sorento you should take into account to their “cousin” the Hyundai Santa Fe, which starts from 30.790 € 46.870 euros in the case of recourse to the Grand Santa Fe. In addition, you can also appreciate the Nissan X-Trail, which starts from 23.900 euros.