Do you plan to SEAT to change the logo of CUPRA?

Nuevo logo SEAT Cupra

¿We are looking at the new logo of CUPRA? SEAT has recorded both designs.

coming a internal revolution within the family of models CUPRA SEAT. At least in the short term we will see on the market the new SEAT Leon Cupra 2017, the most powerful model in the history of the SEAT. However, the continuity of a central pillar of the range CUPRA is not one of the most important aspects that are coming. The new Leon Cupra, we must add the future arrival of the SEAT Ateca Cupra. So, the first SUV in the history of the Spanish brand will have your alternative of sporting character.

Now, as you may have read in the headline of this article, what concerns us on this occasion is the possible change of image of the distinctive models CUPRA that is forged within the facilities of the SEAT. Are you planning to change the design of the logo of the CUPRA? The two records made by the trademark Office Global Intellectual Property as well reveal it.

In particular, as we can see in the picture that heads this text, we find two designs are registered by SEAT and clearly refer to their division of sports models and performance. By a lake, and by examining this image, we have left a sort of badge of rounded corners and in the centre of which there is a characteristic shape.

SEAT Cupra - logo

Logo CUPRA current used in the engine of the SEAT Leon Cupra 290.

For their part, the other design (the one on the right), shows these forms and just below them we can read CUPRA. The second option is more “clean” and simple. However, irrespective of the design that we catch to compare with the current logo, we see more of a revolution than evolution. The change is dramatic, and leaves behind any element that is characteristic of logo that use the models CUPRA SEAT.

we’ll Still have to wait to see the colors used by the designer in these new logos CUPRA and know if it will keep the black, white and red that we find in the design current. In any case, and confirmed the change, the base will be totally different.