Do you prefer automatic? THE BMW M2 with the change of the double clutch part from 67.708 euros

The new BMW M2 will hit the streets in April 2016, recently we discovered the starting price for our market, the latest creation of BMW M, meeting with a “from” of 62.900 euros for the manual version. Now we also know already the price of the BMW M2 accompanied by the automatic gearbox.

BMW M2 with automatic switching is 4.808 euros more expensive than the manual:

The version with automatic transmission is 25 kg heavier, but still provides us with best figures of consumption and performance.

The alternative with change of double clutch is presented with a starting price of 67.708 euros, 4.808 euros more expensive than the alternative manual, that part from 62.900 euros.

Between your standard equipment not lack the upholstery in leather, 19-inch alloy wheels, front seats heated, bi-xenon headlamps, sound system, Hi-Fi with 6.5-inch screen, bluetooth, USB, rear parking sensors, cruise control, climate control, and wizard of light caretera.

This version provides us with a consumption less, 7.9 l/100 km versus 8.5 l/100 km for the manual version, also an increased acceleration, marking a time of 4.3 seconds in the 0 to 100 km/h compared to the 4.5 seconds of the handbook, although in these times, in which even the Porsche 911 GT3 uses a dual-clutch transmission was greatly appreciated that BMW continue to keep sporting options with manual transmission.

Remember that the BMW M2 account with a block supercharged 6 in-line cylinders and 3 liters of cubicaje that developed 370 horses to the rear axle and a torque of 465 Nm (500 with overboost).


As a rival more direct we are with the Mercedes CLA 45 AMG, available only with change of double clutch and with a price of 63.750 € , providing a power of 381 horses that are scattered to the four wheels.

with Respect to BMW M3 the new BMW M2 positioned 27.000 euros below, taking in both cases as a reference the manual versions.