Do you prefer black or grey? From 695.000€ – the couple – the Ferrari FF’s King Juan Carlos I can be yours

The Ferrari FF is, by far, one of the models most distinctive of the prancing horse. Please don’t hesitate. It has space for four passengers – of truth – and four-wheel drive. Is a Ferrari that you can travel with some comfort a family, and their luggage. But it takes something more for that you’re willing to pay 350,000 euros in a Ferrari FF auction. And that something else is nothing other than the fact that these two Ferrari FF in question belonged originally to Juan Carlos I of Spain, that from June of last year, the date of his abdication, gave way to his son, Felipe VI as king of Spain.

The Ferrari FF that will be auctioned came at the hands of king Juan Carlos I, before they succumbed to National Heritage, as a gift from the United Arab Emirates.

why he had, that the then king, Juan Carlos I two Ferrari FF? four years Ago, the United Arab Emirates gave him this pair of Ferrari FF. In 2013, Juan Carlos I decided to give the yacht good Fortune – which was also a gift, in this case of 22 entrepreneurs of the Balearic Islands – a National Heritage site and shortly after did the same with these two Ferrari, which apparently would never have driven.

The Ferrari FF, one in black and another in grey, will be auctioned off starting from 350,000 euros and of 345,000 euros respectively. Through an auction that has already opened requests and requires a guarantee deposit of 17,500 euros and 17.250 euros respectively. Those interested, will be able to see the cars in the fleet of the State (c/Cea Bermúdez, 5, Madrid, spain) between 19 and 23 October, at the request of meeting in the phones that are listed in the terms and conditions of the auction.


photo Gallery: do you prefer black or grey? From 695.000€ – the couple – the Ferrari FF’s King Juan Carlos I can be yours

The auction will be held on November 6, 2015, at 10:00, the Delegation of Economy and Finance of Madrid, at c/Guzmán el Bueno, 139.

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