Do you put the horns M-Sport Michelin with DMACK?


To date, the World Rally Car fit Michelin. Except for a few exceptions such as Robert Kubica, Lorenzo Bertelli with Pirelli, the faster cars in the WRC are equipped with tires of the French house and this trend extends between the four manufacturers present. Volkswagen, Citro├źn, Hyundai and M-Sport rely on the tyres of Michelin, which have improved markedly in recent years, both in performance and in durability. Can you change this trend? What is certain is that it does not seem likely, but DMACK is knocking on the door of the vehicle RC1 with a lot of force.

After the Rally RACC, the brand of tires british DMACK has been to perform a test on asphalt. The aim was to assess the tires of the next season and to do this have been told with the presence of Ott Tanak, pilot of M-Sport. The Estonian has been put at the controls of the Ford Fiesta R5 at the team’s official supplier of tires for evaluate a total of eight compounds among those who will come out the tyre chosen for the next season. All of them include new tread. In turn, M-Sport took advantage of these tests for try some evolutions in the Ford Fiesta R5.

however, the surprise jumped after when you could see the Ford Fiesta RS WRC Ott Tanak equipped with tires DMACK. What a publicity gimmick or a bet for the future? Be the first, Michelin will not make much of grace, but if it is the second theory, we are convinced that you still will like it less. It is not a secret that the relationship between DMACK and M-Sport has intensified in the last two seasons. The company is a producer of tyres is very interested in making the leap to the World Rally Car and the agreement for M-Sport would be very positive.


however, for M-Sport any option that involves leaving the
molds set represents an attractive argument
, as in equal
conditions can not compete against the budgets of Volkswagen and
Hyundai, nor with the performance of the Vehicle. However,
have a supplier of tyres, different, always, and when
they are at a level similar to Michelin, represents the opportunity to
to highlight under certain circumstances. Without going more far, the tires
Pirelli work very effectively in conditions of rain,
surpassing even, according to some analyst, the performance of the tires
supplied by Michelin.

cannot be discarded Either the theory
of one-off collaboration
. However, the relationship between M-Sport and
DMACK is very intense and there is more to look at the different categories
to check it out. The Cup-Brand Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy in dispute
with the new Ford Fiesta R2T and the official team of DMACK in WRC2
features with the Ford Fiesta R5 as vehicles to compete. Therefore, not
it would be nothing strange to a collaboration between M-Sport and DMACK for that
the british brand of tyres improves the performance of your product
for later try to reach agreements with private pilots.