Do you remember the Mustang 845 HP Ken Block? As Lewis Hamilton what he wanted…

ford-mustang-block (2)

Was in 2014, particularly in November of that year, when Ken Block we are delighted with your Gymkhana 7. As all of the above, the pilot showed his great potential with the extreme maneuvers that we had without batting an eye in the rest of editions. Although this was different, and that is changing your Ford Fiesta for a incredible Ford Mustang 1965 with no less than 845 horsepower. Time after having shot those scenes, the pilot himself has confessed that the same Lewis Hamilton is interested to buy this model.

The notice sets out the means Auto Motor und Sport, where Block has confessed that the champion of the world of Formula 1 wanted to buy his Hoonicorn RTR, as he was christened the Ford Mustang starring in Gymkhana 7. Apparently, the british made contact with the pilot of rally, when he expressed his interest in the purchase of the vehicle. An interest that faded when Block informed him of the asking price, at which time Hamilton stopped any attempt to purchase.

ford-mustang-block (1)The own Block has counted that price that will put his Hoonicorn RTR was bulging and that he did so because he really did not want to abandon him. And part of what we understand. This Ford Mustang of 1965 is a real monster of the road. Mounts a mechanical V8 6.7-liter powered up to 845 HP, which is connected to a awd system. The total force is 720 Nm of torque and the transmission is chosen to govern so much power is a Sadev six-speed.

Were employed two years to develop this beast. The works were carried out by ASD Motrosport, who completed a work that anyone would want to have in your workshop. So that you can see this Mustang in action, we leave the seventh installment of Gymkhana.


Source – Auto, Motor und Sport