Do you remember the rare Skoda R200? After this video in circuit don’t forget

what A Skoda is more than 400 HP, derived from a Audi R8 V8 and fully functional? rub it in really the eyes as much as you want, but yes, the Skoda R200 is the brother bastard of the Audi R8 and was designed as a tribute to the history of Skoda, and more specifically to its recognized model Skoda 130RS. It sports a very retro, with clear reminiscences of the past of the brand, but using one of the chassis and thrusters with most traditional within the Volkswagen Group. You’ll like it or not its design, but this one-off under the emblem Skoda you will be hard to forget after this video of how he spends the Skoda R200 in-circuit.

The firm Hoffmann & Novague has been the culprit of that Skoda has among his illustrious this sporty mid-engine V8 with 430 HP, all-wheel drive and manual change of six relations. A setting that speaks to all lights of sportsmanship keeping intact the chassis and setup of the Audi R8 original that has been taken as a starting point. The first unit manufactured was made as an excuse for the contemporary art centre of Prague called DOX, but it seems that this sport has reached to the soul of enough lovers of the automotive world as to which Hoffmann & Novague immersed in the manufacturing of a limited series of between 24 and 30 units.

For the construction of the Skoda R200 resorts to the use of Aluminum throughout its body, a key element that allows that the features of this Skoda R200 are kept identical to the Audi R8 with a 0-100 Km/h in 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 280 Km/h. All manufacturing is done by hand, by installing a body completely new and the interior is also new invoice and with a strong classical inspiration with the Skoda 130RS as a model of inspiration.


to Manufacture up to 30 units of this atypical sports can even be risky because, although a estimated price 255,000 € may be reasonable, it is clear that we are dealing with a creature that is quite special by its design. For lovers of the brand, the more well-to-do and some collectors, the Skoda R200 can be one of those investments to consider, or not, but what is not in doubt is that we are in the Skoda more sporty and prestacional ever created by the firm.


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