Do you remember the Tesla Model S came out blazing in Norway? The fault was a short circuit…

Tesla Model S incendioThe Norwegian authorities reported last January that a Tesla Model S had left burning in the city of Gjerstad, in Norway. In a first moment there was great confusion, since neither the american company could give no explanation to what happened. The problem was greater than could be imagined, for it was not the first that had just been calcined by the flames, seriously affecting the shares of the company. Well, after a few months the brand with headquarters in California, announced that the fire of the Tesla Model S caused by a short circuit.

According to the researchers of this incident, the short circuit occurred in the fuse box of the vehicle. The fire started in the interior of the car, as the Norwegian authorities pointed when the incident occurred. The Tesla Model S that ended flames was recharging at a supercharger, at which point it began to occur the fire in that there was only to lament the total loss of the vehicle was completely charred.

tesla-model-s-incendio 2The california firm has announced that in the next generation of its Model S will improve the security system, riding in the vehicle an updated software capable of detecting possible short-circuits in addition to prevent the occurrence of cutting off the supply of electrical power. Still the same continue to assure that their chargers are completely secure and that before being fitted in the model had completed over 2.5 million operations in a satisfactory manner.

This announcement comes a few days before the event for the presentation of his new Tesla Model 3 that will take place in Los Angeles. This new model of the company will be below the Model S, with a price close to $ 35,000. We still don’t know too much about the Model 3, although soon we will have all the information.

Source – Tesla

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