Do you rent rooms Airbnb? Tesla set you up (almost) free charger!

Airbnb has revolutionized the way we understand the travel accommodation in recent years. The platform allows you to rent rooms or complete travelers in exchange for financial compensation, an ideal to pay rent or mortgage in many cases complement housing. The service has caused quite a few complaints from the world of hospitality, but apparently here to stay. Now Tesla has signed an agreement with Airbnb, by which will install at home charger for electric cars. Free! (Or almost).

An agreement for the moment limited to California

The typical cost of a wall charger for your Tesla is about $ 750 US.

California is the place with the largest concentration of electric cars, vying with Norway and Denmark. The agreement signed by Tesla with Airbnb aims facilitate your guests recharge your electric car . To access this program, assets must be hosts of a property and have a minimum of five positive reviews – this means an average of 4 stars or more – in the Airbnb platform. If we fulfill these requirements, Tesla will give us a charger.

tesla-motors-elon-musk-01-1440px However, all is not gold that glitters. must bear the cost of the physical installation of the charger , which may be higher than the own charger, hovering around $ 900 depending on the manufacturer of electric cars. Anyway, it a very significant savings . The idea is that the owners of a Tesla Airbnb choose these properties over other without remote charger or a supercharger. I imagine that the platform will debut a filter through which to locate stays with charger for electric car.

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To my knowledge, there is not yet such a filter. It is a very new service which has not yet be implemented. Anyway, besides benefiting guests with electric cars, might push us to buy a Tesla . If we get a charger at home for half the price, it’s one more reason to purchase a Tesla. We are currently at a pilot project, of which only 12 owners have benefited so far. Its success depends on the continuation of this project and its possible territorial expansion.

tesla-model-s-coche-autonomo-01-1440px The shared economy – rather a different way to make money in this case – raises interesting actions and challenges for the future. What if we had the “sponsorship” of companies to use their products? What if we gave away his Kellogg’s cereals in exchange for the sirviéramos our guests? An interesting reflection that I urge you to develop in the comments section. The world is changing faster than we think … and we can be an active part of this revolution.

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