Do you stop on the first lap and ultrablando until the end? Pirelli sees it possible


The degradation is not going to be a problem in the Monaco Grand Prix, something that ceased to worry about the teams in the last few years and that in this 2017 it will be even less.

The tire ultrablando confirmed in Friday’s free practice to be able to last the whole race if necessary, something that Pirelli does not rule out that may happen if given the right circumstances. “The degradation is not a problem. We had zero degradation, in the second session, the simulations of the race were very consistent, something that we had hoped,”, commented Mario Isola, maximum responsible of the Italian brand.

The key is to start with the tire superblando and wait for a safety car early, something likely in Monaco, a circuit which is very conducive to the incidents in the first laps. “Maybe someone starts with the superblando and, when there is a safety car, change the ultrablando and complete all the race. There are different strategic options because they can change whenever they want depending on the circumstances of the race”.

¿Bet on the superblando in Q2?

And it is that, although the difference in pure speed between the superblando and the ultrablando will be reduced in the race, the lack of degradation tips the balance in favor of the latter, so that is not dischargeable even have drivers who stop in the first round to make the change mandatory for tires to get to the end with the ultrablando. “We have a difference between the ultrablando and the superblando of around seven tenths per lap. Probably during the race is reduced, but it is normal. I guess the whole world is seeing the possibility of doing a long run with the ultrablando. We shall see, for here the possibility of having a safety car is quite high”.

Do the Q2 with the superblando is a risk because the first ten are not very far away.

yes, Mario Isola believes that gamble with the superblando in Q2 is risky, because in this circuit the differences between cars are smaller than in other paths, and any error can lead to be removed. “Do the Q2 with the superblando, personally I think that is a risk because the first ten cars are not very far away. If you make a mistake or encounter traffic, there is a great risk does not pass to Q3”, something that taking into account how difficult it is to overtake at Monaco, it would be a mistake almost final.