Do you tremble KTM? Yamaha will present its sporty, even as a prototype, in Tokyo

We love to a manufacturer of motorcycles, pull out the feet of clay and we forward that will present a sports. For our head only pass ideas that are bound to delight. Sporting lightweight construction, approach very passionate, benefits of circuit, small motor but very energetic, cutting injection well above 10,000 rpm. That’s why we are passionate about sports such as the KTM X-Bow. And that’s why alucinamos when we found out that Honda – its arm dedicated to motorcycles – I was working on a sporting Project 2&4. And now we learn that Yamaha is doing the same, with a sport that will have the silhouette that you see above. Welcome!

Yamaha wants to fall in love with a sport that we’ll meet in the Lounge of Tokyo in late November.

in view of the image that depicts the item, in what we are thinking?

we Think of a sporty high-flying. By its design, very probably you will enjoy mid-engine-rear. We can imagine a philosophy in the line of the Lotus, which is light, but very fast. Yamaha ensures that this sports will reflect your style, your philosophy, your image, and will be inspired on their motorcycles. And there is nothing we more excited about a sporting aspect that is felt in these lines, and the engine of one of their sport-bikes. But first of all, be aware that – for the moment – it will be a prototype. There is nothing that invites us to think that what we will see on the street, although that possibility we are excited about.

we will Leave doubts in a few days, as will be presented in the Lounge of Tokyo, which opens its doors at the end of October. In the lounge we will be present to tell of near about all of the new features that are present there.

Source: Yamaha
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