Do you want a new classic? The Museum Mercedes sells part of his amazing collection

In a move quite unexpected, the Museum of Mercedes in Stuttgart puts on sale a part of the classics of his collection. Some of them have formed part of the permanent collection of the museum, and others are simply vehicles stored, but in perfect state and with the guarantee have been fully reviewed and pre-selected by the manufacturer. No one is going to sell in better conditions. They have launched a website with all the units available, and suddenly, I want to catch a flight to Stuttgart.

Not always it is possible to acquire cars in state in a museum, almost new and perfectly cared for.

If you are interested in one of their vehicles, the first thing you should do is to check the web that have assembled for this sale: In it, the vehicles are divided into three categories, “Premium Edition”, “Collector’s Edition” and “Driver’s Edition”. The first are vehicles in exceptional status: completely restored with very little mileage and a high historical relevance. Some of them have even formed part of the museum’s collection, such as for example a Mercedes CLK-LM 1998.

the vehicle of competition ran the classification of the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1998. Also in the “Premium Edition” is a fantastic Mercedes 630 Kompressor 1929, a classic fitted with a six-cylinder in-line 6.2-liter and 160 HP of power. A supercar of the time, in a state impeccable, the sale for nothing less than 850.000 euros. No one said that having a car museum out cheaply, but in the case of a car with such historical importance is understandable.

A team of specialized vendors in classics will attend to the requests of those who wish to acquire one of these classics.

The second type of car offered is called “Collector’s Edition”. Are cars with more mileage, but visually and mechanically solid. All in all, many are unrestored, with that “patina” that look for many collectors. This is to give precedence to the origin and history of the classic front of your state. Among the wonders that can be found, is a fantastic Mercedes 450 SEL 6.9 – the sale by € 70,000 with just over 100,000 km on your odometer – or a spectacular E 60 AMG based on the Mercedes W124 saloon.

A genuine AMG 381 HP, one of the most exclusive, on sale for 189.000 euros in a wondrous state for 189.000€. Finally, there is the category called “Driver’s Edition”. Are the most popular classic, but perfectly preserved. Some of them have quite a few miles, but their prices are reasonable. Mercedes encourages future owners to use on a daily basis. It is possible to acquire cars as a nice – it was very popular in the 70’s – Mercedes 200D W123 with almost 300,000 km for less than€10,000.

I recommend you to take a spin around the web that Mercedes has been enabled and soñéis to be the owners of a fantastic classic. All of them are delivered in perfect mechanical condition and with a review of 160 points overcome.

Source: Motor Authority
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