Do you want a Porsche Panamera 5 squares? You’ll have to wait for the Shooting Brake


Prototype of the Panamera Shooting Brake testing in the Ring.

One of the secrets worst kept of this new generation of the Porsche Panamera was the adoption of the new bodywork Shooting Brake, advanced in part by the Sport Turismo concept unveiled in 2012. Since the beginning of its development, all the means we have pointed out the possibility that this variant of type family would come to the range of the Panamera, which was endorsed with the appearance of the first mules of tests with this configuration.

What we did not know until now, is that this new variant of body will come rigged with one of the biggest novelties of the Panamera since it was launched in 2010, the adoption for the first time an interior 5 seats. Up to now, both versions of battle a short and long had had a cabin capable of accommodating four passengers, but never five. This is going to end with the introduction in 2017 of the new Panamera Shooting Brake.

After the release, Executive, variant of long battle presented recently, the Shooting Brake will be the third variant of bodywork available in the range, offering the best compromise of habitability and volume of the load of the model, which fits perfectly with this new configuration of five seats.


Recreation of the new Panamera Shooting Brake.

For the moment, we do not know as will be set to the rear area of the passenger compartment, but we understand that will have the usual rear bench seat one-piece, in place of the seats separated which employed up to now.

In terms of the aesthetics of this new version, few days ago I brought a recreation of the model, clearly based on the prototype Sport Turismo concept that the brand presented at the Paris Salon of 2012. In which the signature of Stuttgart he was inspired to draw the new generation of the Panamera.

For the moment, the brand has been watertight in terms of the possible date of launch of the model, but the sightings of several mule tests this year suggest that it might be presented in some of the great events european of 2017, being the forthcoming Geneva one of the dates most likely in march 2017.