Do you want an Audi TT more sporty? The new Audi TT RS could debut this month

Audi could be preparing a new 5-cylinder engine for the next Audi TT RS, a new block that we could even see in the Audi RS3 Sedan and that we have addressed in the article, “Has prepared Audi a new 5-cylinder engine for the new Audi TT RS and RS3 Sedan?”, but did you know that this new Audi TT RS could be closer than you imagined?

according To Car & Driver, the managers warn us of this new powertrain, we would have already with the new Audi TT RS in the next Hall of Beijing, a car show that will open its doors next April 25.

With this mechanical the Audi TT RS is lifted up to the 400 horses, a power that would be managed through a transmission S tronic dual-clutch and to be transmitted to the asphalt via a traction quattro, of course.

Nor would miss the mandatory presence of a new bumper, the rear diffuser, the corresponding evolution of its part-cycle…

What more surprises we will wait the new Audi TT RS? Earlier he had considered the possibility of meeting with a turbo electric, a possibility that now appears to be ruled out. He had also spoken of the introduction of a few optical OLED, will we see a multifunction steering wheel similar to that of the Audi R8?how a new innovative solution in its cycle?

we Hope impatient.

The top image corresponds with the Audi TT Clubsport Turbo.