Do you want an exclusive car? Take a look at this Jeep Renegade pick-up


This Renegade has transformed its aesthetic completely from the rear half of the vehicle

who would not like to have a unique car in the world? Surely the answer to that question is that to all or at least the vast majority of passionate about the motor world, we would like to own a unique piece of work and exclusive in our garage.

That the same must have thought the owner of this Jeep Renegade. Tired of waiting for the american brand bring to market a version pick-up of this small off-road, and seeing that such a model neither exists nor is expected to, decided to get to work and manufacture your own.

it All began one day by his owner came up cut the rear doors and attach the trunk compartment, the rear seats. In this way he was earning a much higher load, while sacrificing the two rear seats.


Its owner and creator, has produced a home version of the Jeep Renegade Comanche

Not content with this work, a homemade, diy, the owner continued with his work on the Jeep, the what, the next step led him to completely rid the body of the rear area of the car, leaving this with a simple aesthetics of morro, cabin (only double front seats) and the middle chassis occupying the rear half of the vehicle.

After giving many hours of dedication to this work, the car was completed with an aesthetic very close to the Jeep Renegade Comanche, a prototype that the brand just wander from exhibit to exhibit and that will never be brought to production. With a paint tone bronze and matte finish, gives the car an aesthetic of most military.

The vehicle in question has not been modified in terms of its mechanics, so it retains the same engine that the model number coming from, the 2.4 litres maximum power of 180 HP with a maximum torque of 237 NM and an automatic transmission 9 – speeds. In your odometer has been recorded only 16.800 miles, a few 27.036 km


Now this car has an aesthetic very military

Now, for reasons unknown his owner decides to get rid of your work, and found at auction in the sales portal Ebay to a initial price of 20,100$, equivalent to about 18,000€ approximately. Nothing wrong if we think that it is a personal work of art, to which I have dedicated many hours and effort, in addition to being able to say that we have a unique car.