Do you want to buy a Mercedes classic? the museum of the brand you sell

¿Quieres comprar un Mercedes clásico? el museo de la marca te lo vendeMercedes is the brand that most cares about your past. While many manufacturers will only think of selling new cars, Mercedes takes years betting on their classic models. The brand focuses the best units in your museum, but also tries to ensure that the fans can have their cars in perfect running order thanks to the ease of getting large variety of spare parts in dealerships of the brand.

curiously, the last movement of the mark, by creating a program of cars sale classic called , All-Time Stars. Mercedes will in the museum of Stuttgart a series of cars that will be part of the collection, but they are on sale. You can consult the catalog of vehicles on the web All the cars listed on the web and are in perfect condition and fully documented.

¿Quieres comprar un Mercedes clásico? el museo de la marca te lo vendeMercedes classifies the cars in its program, All-Time Stars in three categories. The most exclusive of which is the Premium Edition, which include those cars in a perfect original state of preservation and little-used that in many cases are restored by the experts of Mercedes-Benz Classic. The second category is called Collectors Edition, placing those cars that are in very good state of conservation. Vehicles Drivers Edition are ideal to be used in the day-to-day, and although they are in a good state of conservation, they always give rise to some kind of improvement.

All the cars that are part of the All Time Stars are reviewed thoroughly in more than 160 points by the experts, who generate a detailed dossier with all the history of the vehicle and its features at the present time.

¿Quieres comprar un Mercedes clásico? el museo de la marca te lo vende

This spectacular Mercedes Type 630 Kompressor is for sale for 850.000 euros

right Now, the cars sold by the museum between 1929 and 1995. The oldest is a spectacular Type 630 Kompressor, while the most recent is a Class E 320 convertible of the year 95. Between them there is a wide variety of models and versions, some really exclusive.

Source – Mercedes