Do you want your house to smell like two times? Buy this candle aromatic

The smell of a burning bike two times is special. Why? As you well know, the two-stroke engines consume oil and fossil fuel at the same time, the result of combining two-times – a revolution of the crankshaft – the phases of intake, compression, explosion and exhaust. A conventional engine in four-stroke. The visible result of combustion of two times is a sound characteristic, a radical hand of power and a smell very peculiar, that now you can flood your house.

The wing has a good size: it occupies the same volume that would fill a pint of beer. Your wick is made of wood.

Flying Tiger Motorcycles will sell from a few months ago candles with a smell of burning two-stroke. Yes, as you hear it. This store specializes in accessories for motorcycles and even sells motorcycles. Your sailing, call “Two Stroke Smoke Candle”, has been developed using oil of two-stroke engine – of-truth – in combination with aromatic fragrances. The candle is sold in a beautiful tin decorated in shades of orange, with a careful design of a vintage look.

Your price is $ 20, and although the shop is located in the U.S., do you ship to worldwide. An interesting gift for car lovers in general and classic bikes in particular. Makes Me also think if there is anything left to invent or something that you can not sell.

Source: Flying Tiger
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