Do you wanting more power? There will be a BMW M4 and M3 Competition Package

Good news. It seems that there are on the road a BMW M3 and a BMW M4 even more prestacional, a step half way between the variants “normal” and the radicalized BMW M4 GTS. Frank van Meel, president of BMW M, has been commissioned to confirm the arrival of a version Competition Package for the BMW M3 and the BMW M4.

Among the 431 hp of the original model and 500 of the GTS is no room for the Competition Package

we Can imagine that this model will be about 460 hp.

More pontecia. Maybe some new setting in its cycle, perhaps some small additive aesthetic, but, above all, more power. The block supercharged, 6 cylinders and 3 liters of cubicaje will go a step further, however, to what extent?

The BMW M4 GTS got up to 500 horse so that among the 431 original horse and this figure is no room for a version, we imagine, a few 460 horses.

This BMW M3 Competition Package, the BMW M4 Competition Package, will come during 2016, and even Frank van Meel has been charged to warn us of what will take place during the next spring.

Recall that the BMW M3 is available in Spain with a starting price of 89.950 euros, while the BMW M4 part from 92.100 € in his version of the coupé and from 102.100 euros in the case of recourse to the cabrio.