Do your kids are 1.35 meters tall, or less? Then they can not travel in the front seats

Do you know if your child can ride in the front seat of your car, in the passenger? Very attentive to developments in the Rules of the road, because this year there will be changes that will make the limitations for your children to travel in the passenger seat not only depend on your age, but also of his stature. Recall that until now circulate under 12 located in the front, except seats who were using an approved device (stroller or for their age and weight lifter) was prohibited. Restrictions have been updated, with a measure that shall enter into force on October 1 , and will be based on your height. Regardless of age small minors measuring 1.35 meters or less may not travel in the front seats , with some exceptions.

restrictions for young passengers in the front seats depend on your height, not age, is a reasonable and logical in terms of improving safety measure.

As has approved the Cabinet this afternoon and announced the Deputy Prime Minister, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, who admits to being an expert on the subject, from personal experience, restrictions for the use of the front seats by minors will depend on your height . And the truth is that the decision, even adding complexity to the decision to place children in a suitable seat, makes sense, rather than use his age to do so. Recall that the restraint systems, in this case the seat belts; and the airbags are designed for adult passengers, and thus are effective as long as the passenger’s body has certain proportions.

menores-asientos-delanteros-2-1440px will be two exceptions yes allow travel in the front seats a minor below the 1.35 meters tall

  • That it is a two-seater vehicle.
  • You go back seats occupied by other children with their chairs retention.

Until now there was an exemption that allowed itself to under 12 use the adult safety belt and traveling in the front seat if their height was equal to or higher than 1.35 meters.

Remember, finally, that responsible for bringing children properly, and therefore responsible for the consequences of an accident or sanction that may be imposed DGT on a control will always be the driver .

Source: Council of Ministers
Photographs: Skoda | Mercedes-Benz | Peugeot
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