Documentary 24 Hours Hybrid Toyota C-HR

¿How came the 24 Hours Hybrid? What is this race? How do you live? In its fourth edition we have produced this documentary where we will show you the competition from within, with testimonies of the participants and organizers.

six teams of participants totaled more than 10,000 miles without rest, for a harder test and demanding that the Toyota C-HR exceeded without problems in the malaga Ascari Circuit, the track (largest in Spain, which is known worldwide for its path in a privileged natural environment and its spectacular facilities.

in Addition, this year has been special for us for another reason, our colleague Javier Gómara, a member of Team 4 who acted as the liaison between the organization and the team, took to the podium in first position after 24 hours of struggle, 457 laps and 3.6 seconds of difference on the second classified. Here you have your chronic:

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24 Hours Hybrid Toyota C-HR in figures

  • 6 equipment.
  • 36 drivers.
  • 6 Toyota C-HR.
  • 1,440 minutes.
  • 125 Litres petrol per car.
  • 2.722 turns (among all).
  • 10.539,6 km (between all).

interesting facts winning Team:

  • 457 laps .
  • 1.759 km.
  • 7,06 l/100 km on average.
  • 73,7 km/h. medium-speed.

We have to thank the participants of the documentary the gift that we have done with their testimonies: Enrique Centeno, (Toyota Spain), Rafael Menendez, and Constance Pasqual (Bridgestone Spain), David Clavero (motor), Eduardo Martinez (Fan invited by Toyota), Gerardo Jimenez (Auto10), Óscar González Soria (motor Magazine), Raul Toledano (journal) Thanks to all!