Dodge Challenger GT AWD Concept, the prototype of all-wheel drive for Dodge

dodge-challenger-gt-awd-concept (1)like Chevrolet, Dodge is also leaving some surprises in the SEMA of this year. As you know, the first brand mentioned has led to this shows, among others, a prototype with more of a street car than a concept that appears to advance a special edition. Dodge has done something similar with this Challenger GT AWD Concept, a prototype that looks a look a priori finished and that, among its benefits, we find a system of all-wheel drive to ensure maximum grip.

Outwardly, this Challenger is differentiated by exclusive details such as the orange paint that contronea several figures of the body and that stands out on a dark background dominated by the gray and the black. The body is shown more muscular and sporty thanks to a kit for the urban extension and to the rear spoiler and the front spoiler that mounts. To complete the exterior changes is to point out the beautiful 20-inch wheels in the design of the five spokes are also shown in black color and the output of quad exhaust.

dodge-challenger-gt-awd-concept (2)If we take a look at the cabin of Dodge Challenger GT AWD Concept, we will realize that the theme outside moves to the inside with a combination of dark tones and the orange before mentioned. This tone, as vivo is present in the seams and some details of this space and serves to give the note of color in a atmosphere off. In addition, the steering wheel is specific and the borders of the doors are only present in this sample.

engine HEMI V8 of 5.7 liters that is hidden in the interior of this model has been updated to give a plus of energy. This performance package, which among other items includes new exhaust manifolds, you get a increase in the power of 75 HP. Although, officially, the company has not revealed the total amount of power that develops the model. In order to bring order to both foal galloping we find the automatic transmission of eight speed and a awd encagra to transmit all this energy.

Source – Dodge

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