Dodge Challenger GT AWD: what a muscle car with four-wheel drive? And why not?

do A muscle-car with traction to the four wheels? Why is it that nobody had thought before? What is certain is that this is not the first time that a muscle car is presented with four-wheel drive, though it is definitely not the usual. Mopar presents the Dodge Challenger > AWD Concept in the SEMA 2015, which is neither a finished model nor a preview of the catalog of spare parts and customizations from Mopar, but a good preview of a new model that could be incorporated into the range Dodge Challenger very soon.

This Challenger has used the platform of the Charger and Chrysler 300, the four-wheel drive used by the Charger Pursuit and a automatic 8-relationships.

In fact, the goal of Dodge in this SEMA 2015 will be to analyse the reactions of the public to this prototype, and in function of them to decide if it makes sense to launch a Challenger with traction to the four wheels. What you see is a Dodge Challenger equipped with the engine V8 5.7-liter Hemi, which will be about 440 HP.

But evidently what is more important is the fact that you have four-wheel drive, which will determine the weight that will mark on the scale – negatively – but also your ability to turn and shoot off like a bullet in the face drag race.


Dodge Challenger > AWD has its trick. According to, its creators have had to resort to a platform higher than that normally used by the Challenger, the same that employ two sedans with genes muscle car, the Dodge Charger and the Chrysler 300.

The system of four-wheel-drive used is the same as that used by the Dodge Charger Pursuit’s used by the police forces of the united States. In any case, this prototype would have been worked over to replace the automatic gearbox five relationships for a more sophisticated and modern than eight relationships.

beyond all that, this Dodge Challenger has received a finish coat of body in two shades of grey (mix Destroyer Grey), and orange details, 20” wheels with a matte black finish, the kit of flared bodywork, etc., etc.

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