Dodge Challenger Hellcat HPE1000 Twin Turbo & Supercharged: Hennessey will be out of the hands

Dodge Challenger Hellcat is a machine dreaded. On a chassis of an old Mercedes E-Class have mounted a propeller 6.2 HEMI V8 supercharged to 707 HP. All who have tried it agree that it is too much power for a chassis is limited, but there are always coaches who are looking for more, living the madness racing as a profession. Hennessey Performance is one of those companies. Have developed the package HPE1000 for the Challenger Hellcat, adding two turbos to the muscle car. The result is more than 1000 HP…

The quarter-mile falls in less than 10 seconds with the package HPE1000, always use tires for drag racing.

The system of supercharging by the compressor, the Hennessey attaches twin turbochargers, blowing a bar of pressure. Thanks to an intercooler, improved, with a new escapement and a new system of fuel supply to injectors high-flow – but without the internal components are reinforced to the engine block, by the looks of it – the engine manages to develop a whopping 1.046 HP at 6500 rpm, accompanied by a torque worthy of a truck: 1.337 Nm at only 4,200 rpm. Struggling with the traction of the rear-wheel drive, makes the 0 to 96 km/h in 2,7 seconds.

This video is for the Hellcat HPE850, with only 850 HP and no twin turbo.

Aesthetically, the car is no different from other Challenger Hellcat. Only the more observant will see a few small emblems that read “HPE1000”, although under the hood it appears the name of the technician that you have modified the propeller and inside we find a plate with numbered certificate of authenticity. This pack prestacional comes with a one year warranty or 20,000 kilometers. Enough miles to executing supercars high-flying, if we can keep the steering wheel in a straight line.

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