Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, finally we see something more in this teaser

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon teaser

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is still one of the releases that they are doing to pray. The american brand takes several weeks releasing teasers of this model will be your top of the range, beating even the SRT Hellcat. Luckily, it seems that we are gradually seeing more of this awesome muscle car. On this occasion has shown to be the rear of the car fully uncovered.

And could not be more striking due to the proportions of your bumper, and of course his wheels. If you look, the width of the tires seems more like a competition car. In fact, the Challenger SRT Demon is the first production vehicle in mount tires drag serial. The brand has revealed that it is about Nitto NT05R have a few measures of 315/40 in their wheels of 18 inches.

And even here the news of the new teaser video. For the rest we already knew some details of his weight, as we said, that will be 91 kg lighter that the SRT Hellcat thanks to the use of lightweight materials and new components. Also who will continue to carry the motor V8 HEMI 6.2-liter, which could far exceed the 717 BHP that yields in the Hellcat, coming dangerously close to the round figure of 800 HP.

Though still there has been no official data and we will have to wait to confirm. Its official debut is scheduled for April 12, when it opens its doors to the Salon New York. In the meantime we make do with teasers that iran launching each week and that revealed some of the aspects of the vehicle.

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon teaser

Source – Dodge