Dodge Challenger SRT Demon: found in The Fate of the Furious


a body corresponds with the Challenger Wideboy seen until now.

Thanks to a teaser video official, to have a few pictures posted on Instagram and the first few frames of The Fate of the Furious, we can get a prayer out to the Demon, the new version is more radical and wild, range-Challenger. If the SRT Hellcat surprised everyone when it was released a few years ago, with his 717 HP (707 hp), the new Demon seems to exceed long in all aspects, becoming the new “bad boy of the neighbourhood”.

To be certain the reports, we would be faced with the alternative of production of the Challenger ADR or Widebody, we have been able to see on several occasions during its development phase. This account with a few huge tires 315 section mounted on rims of 18 inches. For what is seen in the leaked images, these would go shod with tires Nitto competition, so huge to the naked eye as your tires.

In regards to your engine, we would be contemplating an upgrade of the V8 6.2-liter supercharged that we also find in the Hellcat, but with sufficient modifications as to raise the current performance of the Hellcat. That is to say, exceed the 717 HP.


The model model of Dodge quedaperfectamente reflected in these images.

One of the systems employed, according to some sources in the network, is the presence of a button, named “Raciing Fuel”, which would allow the passage of Ethanol, which would raise the octane to 110.

In regards to your rack, SRT seems to have lightened conveniently the Hellcat, losing around 90 kilograms with respect to this. And in terms of its bodywork, will be easily recognizable thanks to their bulging wheel arches and to the new air inlet of the hood, rectangular in shape.

In the images of the interior we can see as it features an automatic transmission, probably the same 8-speed found in the SRT Hellcat. In the same way, the button “Racing Fuel” is included in the small keypad in the center console.


The new Demon will be the protagonist of exception in the latest installment of the saga.

The new Demon will be presented on the 12th of April in New York, two days before it released the film, the latest installment in the saga Fast & Furious”.