Dodge Challenger SRT Demon: The first official images


The first image of the new Demon.

This is the first image to complete the new official Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, although the signature is published really by way of a teaser, since it is so only a glimpse of the surprises that we bring the model.

The firm, therefore, remains very cryptic about the complete details of the Demon, but the new images released confirm some of the elements already vaticinábamos.

The first place we have a clear picture from the rear, from which you can appreciate both the appearance of the model itself, very similar to the Hellcat, until the new wheel arches oversized, that are realized from this low perspective.


These huge rollers 315 are the new tires of the Demon.

finally, we find a picture of the new tires. These have been prepared exclusively by Nitto for the Demon, and even carry the emblem of the devil on their flanks. These feature a gargantuan size 315/40, which leaves small to the 275/40 riding the Hellcat series.

Although the Hellcat mounts on 20-inch wheels while the Demon makes it on wheels of 18 inches. These are intended for a use more suited to a track drag race, which is exactly what Dodge engineers have had in mind.

A curious detail is that the tires have the same size in all axes, which for many has meant power to speculate with the the presence of the same all-wheel drive system of the Challenger GT AWD. However, since Dodge has confirmed that the Demon will enjoy a weight reduced by 90 kg, so you hardly get to have with this heavy-duty system.


The Demon was partially revealed in the first images of “The FAte of the Furious”.

One of the features most characteristic of the first image is the
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could indicate various specifications. The most likely of them is the
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