Dodge Demon: Your power end would be to 767 horses


This is the last teaser of the model.

The last teaser posted by Dodge’s new Demon could have indicated so subliminal power of the model, 757 hp (767 HP). This is the figure that is displayed as the serial number on the plate identifying the brand has released as a teaser.

In the same plate appears another figure, 1121, a figure that again could mean any specification of the radical new model of Dodge, is The maximum torque expressed in Nm maybe? if so, it would be a figure really high, even though the reality is that americans usually use usually another variable, the Pound-foot of force. In the case of be the figure of maximum torque expressed in this magnitude we would be talking of nothing less than 1.519 Nm.

From the first teasers of the model, the brand has not stopped us hidden messages of this type, as the strange license plate that sported the unit that appears in the first official image full. According to some u.s. media, this figure could give us a hint of the capacity of the turbocharger.


First official image of the model and the mysterious license plate.

Dodge customary to disclose these data little by little in their teasers. In the case of the Challenger Hellcat ran the figure of power in an image of the audio system, with a station that was called something like “70s on 7”, in clear reference to the 707 hp (717 HP) of power.

Some of the data already confirmed the model are overwhelming. In the first place, has been subjected to a significant reduction of weight, encrypted in about 90 kilos. But the most striking thing is how they’ve managed to reduce it, so have removed all of the seats, including the co-pilot. In the case of not wanting to have the settings single-seater, the seats are optional.

In the same way, we already know the extent of the immense tires Nitto that will mount the model and has already been confirmed that it does not have the
awd system
that premiered the Challenger GT AWD.