Dodge Ram SRT10 (2004): once upon a time, a pick-up to a V10 engine of a Viper stuck

Of the united States come the greatest follies car on the planet, that we did not have no doubt. One of the biggest follies of the past decade was the beastly Dodge Ram SRT10. A huge pick-up in whose bowels was beating a propeller very special: the 8.3 V10 of the Dodge Viper, the engine’s maximum torque production of engine’s larger displacement of the last decades. An engine of a supercar for a pick-up designed with the performance on asphalt in mind. An authentic nonsense, a true and wonderful madness.

The Dodge Ram SRT10 plucked in 50.850 dollars, and were sold only between the years 2004 and 2006.

In the Hall of Chicago, 1996, Dodge introduced the Ram VTS Concept. A prototype of the Dodge Ram equipped with the engine 8.0 V10 from the Dodge Viper GTS of the era, with over 400 BHP of power. With the same running gear, and the same color scheme, the pick-up made a great impression on the audience. A few years later, in 2004, Dodge astonished all and sundry by launching one of the vehicles most extravagant and extreme of its 100 years of existence – with the permission of the brothers Hellcat. So was the impressive Dodge Ram SRT10.


once Upon a time, a pick-up truck to a motor Viper stuck

The Dodge Ram SRT10 was presented to the public at the Detroit motor show of 2002, but did not begin its production until 2004, coinciding with the presentation of the second generation of the Dodge Viper. It is not possible to understand the Ram SRT10 without the Viper, who gave her heart to fill a place of honor under the hood of these pick-up. The Dodge Ram SRT10 was one of the first special projects of SRT (Street and Racing Technology), the division of the high-performance Dodge – today its own entity in the Group FCA.

The Dodge Ram SRT10 is sold with its box, covered with a cover in all its versions.

Under the hood of the Dodge Ram SRT10 fit the V10 engine of the Dodge Viper. A gigantic maximum torque of the engine of 8.3 liters, with 507 HP and a massive maximum torque of 712 Nm at 4,200 rpm. Who needs boost at such a dose in the front? This engine passed its power to the rear-wheel drive through a manual gearbox six relations, a Tremec T-56. Optionally provided an automatic gearbox of four relations, and never could order a Ram SRT10 traction integral.


The engine has not received any changes since its origins Viper, and although the platform of the Dodge Ram was not modified to albebrgar the propeller, his suspension was lowered to 2.5 centimeters. Bilstein with a commissioning charge of moderating the swings of your body. It was a pick-up unable to get out of the asphalt: mounted huge wheels, 22-inch – as you read – with tires sport Pirelli Scorpion measures 305/40 R22. Tires worthy of a supercar.

Their fuel consumption was excessive: homologaba 26,1 l/100 km in the city and 19,6 l/100 km on the highway.

Never was a pick-up light: it is offered in versions of cab or single cab, four-door, and in the case of the latter your weight in order of march was some tremendous 2.548 pounds. To stop this mole, equipped its front axle with brake discs of 380 mm diameter and rear discs of 360 mm despite the fact that they were cooled by air ducts similar to those used in NASCAR, suffered from fading after intense use. In 2005 they were updated, with the new brake calipers TRW four-piston callipers.

dodge-ram-srt10-6Was able to reach a top speed of 248 km/h and accelerated up to 96 km/h in less than five seconds. Glups. It was also a machine that is addicted to drink: consuming about 20 l/100 km on average in the tests to which it was subjected in his time. A machine that looks very masculine, with an aggressive bodywork. Huge bumpers that reduced your ground clearance, a huge spoiler at the back. The special edition Commemorative Edition was white and had blue stripes Viper viniladas on your body.

Still retains the world record for pick-up production more quickly on the planet, with a peak of 248 km/h.

A machine excessive at all levels, with a behavior surprisingly sporty for its size and weight. And a real sales success: more than 9,000 units were sold in the two years that was on sale. Interestingly, Dodge sold more Ram SRT10 that Viper during the years in which the two models co-existed, and some sources suggest that the excessive success of the pick-up could have tarnished the brand image of the Viper – quoting it as the reason for the end of its production.

dodge-ram-srt10-2In any case, it was a delicious excess, a burning machine wheels, authentic macarrada – and we love. I leave you to enjoy in this great gallery of images.

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