Dodge Viper ACR GeigerCars, a preparation extreme for a car end

geigercars-dodge-viper-acr (2)there are No limits in the world of the preparations. All the same that it is a SUV that has had its time, as the Range Rover, second generation, or a sport with its own name, such as the Audi R8 V10, which we have seen with two turbo. The world of the preparations did not have a ceiling. Today we bring you another one of those models modified scary just to look at pictures. It is a Dodge Viper ACR prepared by GeigerCars. A turn-of-nut to that extreme version that goes over 700 horses of power with joy.

The Dodge Viper ACR was created to devour the curves of a circuit. Mounts a powerful V10 engine 8.4-liter atmospheric with nothing less than 645 horsepower and 812 Nm of torque. The responsibility of governing this set is a manual gearbox Tremec six-relations that sends all this power to the rear wheels. The american sport version is more radical of the Viper, being able to encrypt a time of just 7:03 minutes in the “green hell”.

geigercars-dodge-viper-acr-(4)aEven so GeigerCars have thought that he still has something more to give the Dodge Viper ACR. The same have been touched up around the engine, installing a new camshaft, intake valves are larger, a new exhaust for higher performance and a tweak to the ecu. With these modifications, the Viper ACR of GeigerCars threat with anything less than 765 horsepower, a few numbers that planted face to the very Ferrari F12tdf.

The package are added to improve aerodynamic bearing for the purpose to beat the sport to the asphalt. Among these elements stands out a front spoiler, rear diffuser and a spoiler touched up. In the same way they have mounted new wheels are lighter to improve the total weight of the vehicle. If you want your Viper ACR to pass to the next level you will need to shell out nothing less than 46.000 dollars for the full package.

Source – GeigerCars

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