Dodge Viper GTS/R Concept (2000): the Viper’s carbon fiber that wanted to escape to the streets

it was the year 2000 – does not seem far off but 15 years have passed since then – and Dodge was in the NAIAS Detroit-a prototype that was left open-mouthed to the world. It was the fantastic Dodge Viper GTS/R Concept, a machine fully functional that had escaped from the circuit to the streets of Detroit to show us the stylistic directions to be followed by the Dodge Viper of the second generation. A machine that we wanted to recover, now that the future of the most venomous snake Detroit is in question.

Was designed at the end of 1999 by Osamu Shikado, with the aim of presenting a product very aggressive.

In question, not to say sealed. The UAW – the union automobile from the US – revealed that in a agreement with FCA by 2017, it would shut down the small factory where the Viper is built in the traditional way. The end to a myth that this prototype helped create. We should not confuse the GTS/R Concept with the Viper GTS-R competition, from which was derived this spectacular machine. His body was anticipating details that you would see on the Viper launched in 2002, as your calender on the cross, its optics torn or flippers.

A huge spoiler and a diffuser of competition adorned the rear of the car, while the roof was trimmed slightly: his height was only 1,19 meters. A body that was completely built in carbon fibre, with the object of making the car as light as possible. An air intake located on the roof, and a red paint stripes with silver and a fuel tank of competition rounding out the pack of visual impact, the latter being visible through the rear glass.

In the philosophy of Viper there is no substitute for the high dose in the front.

In the interior of this unique machine – and fully functional – we revealed the lines that the inside of the Viper would have in the future. More friendly, but equally spartan and simple. The seats were directly derived from competition. Also in competition is derived from the lubrication system dry sump of the gigantic engine that lived in their guts. Rumours that the engine of the Viper would be a new V8, but the Viper continued to be faithful to its principles, with a huge 8.0 V10 atmospheric.

A robust engine, with two valves per cylinder and capable of developing 500 horsepower, it to only 4,000 rpm!. It is not too much specific power, but with a weight of only 1.476 kg, 678 Nm) of torque and a manual gearbox of six relations, the Dodge Viper GTS/R Concept it was able to accelerate to 96 km/h in just 3.8 seconds. Its maximum speed was over 200 miles per hour, i.e., 320 km/h. A delicious appetizer for a Viper of the second generation memorable.

Source: AutoTrader
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