Dodge Viper timed out officially, but we tell you how to get your hands on one of the last


the Third and last generation of the Viper.

we Already knew that the Dodge Viper was going to be removed this year, in fact, recently I told how the book of orders of the model are re-opening for the latest units that are thought to produce, and this week, the brand has confirmed that it has again become closed, but this time for good.

Has been Ralph Gilles, responsible for design of the group FCA, which has confirmed the news in the early days of the Hall of Chicago, in addition to disclosing the date on which ends officially the production of the model at Conner Avenue, Detroit. The day will be the 31st of August, thus closed the chapter of the third generation of the model.

If the first generation was born thanks to the collaboration of Lamborghini, this last generation was born under the umbrella of Fiat, and therefore, its development also had the collaboration from Italy, which involved engineers from brands like Ferrari. A fact that only serves as an anecdote, and that seems to close the cycle of the life of one of the sports americans most brutal that has never come to the streets.


One of the Viper Advanced Aero Solid Edition that can be found in the stock of Gerry Wood.

This means that in theory is not you can approach a dealer of the brand and ask for one, because all units that will be manufactured at Conner Avenue are already sold.

Although this is not entirely correct, as there is a dealer, one alone, where we continue to offer the model, Gerry Wood Dodge of Salisbury, North Carolina. This dealership became news a few months ago when was commissioned to the great majority of units that were available of the final production model.

that Is to say, if you want a Viper new, or even second-hand, Gerry Wood Dodge is the only place on the planet where you can find. The number of new units exceeds the hundred. Currently in their stock has 135 units, some of which already have the poster sold, as the Viper Advanced Aero Solid Edition of color red of the top image.


Image of the dealer.

Gerry Wood Dodge is located in Salisbury, in the State of North Carolina, and from the moment that you knew that I was going to finish the production model immediately reserved the vast majority of units.

Among their huge catalogue of specimens we found available Viper model 2017, and even some versions and special editions, such as the Snakeskin Edition, GTS, ACR Extreme Aero Package, Viper T/A 2.0 and even some limited editions exclusive to the dealer itself. And of course, before such a quantity, we can even choose between various colors available.

here will come a good sure more of a future piece of collection.