Does a Honda Civic Type R without a spoiler? This is the proposal of Revozport

When we think of the preparation of a sports model, we imagine new aerodynamic appendages everywhere, new splitters still more exaggerated diffusers, older makes and ailerons worthy of a car of the category GT3. Revozport has surprised us by the opposite and teaches us as it is a Honda Civic Type R without that huge spoiler that crown their behind.

If you are looking for a Type R more low-key…

The Honda Civic Type R is available with two equipment levels. The version “normal” part from 34,500 persons euros, the GT has a price of 37,000 euros.

The preparation of Revozport is focused on small details and aerodynamic in order to offer us new canards, a new rear diffuser and what was most striking, a new wing-type tail duck considerably more discreet spoiler and original that leaves us with that peculiar vision that’s supposed to find us with a Type R who has given up her spoiler.

in Addition, Revozport has revised the side gills, has added a new exhaust system, new rims and the side skirts and the front splitter has been developed in carbon fiber.

A brief review of what offers us the Honda Civic Type R:

by way of brief reminder, it is worth noting that the new Honda Civic Type R has under its hood with a block of 4 cylinders and 2 liters of cubicaje that develops a power of 310 horsepower to the front axle, with a finely tuned part cycle and a starting price in Spain of 34,500 euros.