Does a Kia Sportage inspired by X-Men? Why not?

The Patrol X, or X-Men is one of the sagas of comic book’s most iconic story. A saga that has not been able to escape the clutches of Kia, which continues to transform cars of its range on superheroes motorized, always with charity or promotional. After a Kia Optima inspired by Superman, or any other Optima-inspired Batman, it is time for the Sportage. The Kia Sportage X-Car created by the brand is inspired by the Mystical, the superheroine quick-change artist of X-Men. Your transformation aesthetics since then has been pretty radical.

In this case, the transformation of the Kia Sportage has as its objective the promotion of the film “X-Men: Apocalypse”.

To promote the new movie of X-Men, the Kia Sportage has suffered a multitude of cosmetic changes. Your front seems to have planted a cross, built on the basis of change calender and bumper. Good-bye to the typical calender of Kia. Literally, a large X has been planted in the center of the calender. The bumper is much more aggressive, and the wheel arches have been fitted with a lot of dark plastic. Your blue paint and your embossing mimics the suit of Mystical, with organic shapes and a multitude of curves.

The wheels are blue, its red roof, its optical yellow. A preparation is extremely baroque, in which its behind is also amazing. Again, X is the common denominator, in an area littered with plastic moldings, fake vents, and more insanity aesthetics. The next January 4, Rafa Nadal will lead this new Kia Sportage in a promotional event special, to go warming up the engine before the imminent premiere of the film in may next year.

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