Does a Mercedes GLA 180 from 26.600€? What is your real price? Do you and your equipment?

Is it possible to purchase a SUV premium for less than 30,000€? That is the million dollar question, and especially when we are faced with campaigns that are as flashy as the one announced these days by Mercedes-Benz, proposing the purchase of one of their great best-seller, the Mercedes GLA, since 26.600€. Recall that the Mercedes GLA is one of the most popular models of the German mark in these moments. Sales of the Mercedes GLA in Spain are almost as numerous as those of the flagship products of Mercedes-Benz, the Mercedes A-Class and the Mercedes Class C. Now, what is a tender hook, or makes sense? What is the engine? What is the small print of an offer of these features? What about your serial equipment? More information in comparison SUV premium compact 2016.

Offers subject to financing. Don’t forget the interest.

The majority of offers of cars you see in advertising have a small letter important, requiring the car to be financed, under conditions that usually entail a substantial amount in fees and interest.

When I talked about how much you earn a dealer I already said that financing is one of the great business, of the dealer, and the automotive industry. In Spain, the majority of transactions for the sale of new vehicles are financed. And, yes, the Mercedes-Benz and other premium – also often pay in instalments. In the offer of this Mercedes GLA is the first small letter which we find ourselves. And it is also one of the biggest headaches that we have to talk about the price of a new car, especially when it comes to advise our users of What car do I buy?

we have Not forgotten that some of these deals, such as the Mercedes GLA, still require sign up for the Plan PIVE 8, which means to deliver a vehicle to achatarrar and comply with the requirements of the plan of aid for the renewal of the fleet.


Funding type multiopción are interesting, although expensive, in some cases in which the customer may be interested in changing your car to a new one at the expiration of the funding.

The offer of a Mercedes GLA from 26.600€ required to postpone the payment with the financial support of Mercedes-Benz, in a format called MBAlternative which in reality is a financing-type multiopción (when you pay the last fee allows you to change the vehicle, return it, or purchase it). The big problem that we find is that these offers usually require some funding conditions a bit strict, in a number of installments generally high, and with amounts financed high, conditions that increase significantly the price of the car.

Whenever we talk about these deals mentioned this aspect, the requirement to finance the car. One of the criticisms most common of the readers is not to mention the final price with interest included. But here we encounter a big problem, and it is within that offer, the interests can still vary considerably depending on the circumstances of the client that requested the funding.

In the example proposed by Mercedes-Benz, funding in 48 installments, with a final installment of the 15.497€, and commissions including, the final amount of the car and spread would be of 26.600€ offered initially, until the 32.838€. In any case, and without proper funding, the Mercedes GLA is available, by paying the full amount of your purchase from 29.900€, which is situated almost at mid-point of the offer price and the actual price financed proposed by this offer.


The engine offered by Mercedes-Benz in its offer of a Mercedes GLA from 26.600€ is the GLA 180, the petrol 122 BHP of power.

In terms of engines and equipment, the Mercedes GLA offered, 26.600€, of course is equipped with the smallest motor of all the range. It would be a Mercedes GLA 180, with a petrol engine of 122 HP of power, front-wheel drive, and manual switching. The difference with the diesel engine is the least powerful of the range, the Mercedes GLA 200 d 136 HP of power, stands at€ 2,000 fee (obviously the diesel is more expensive).

In terms of equipment, what is certain is that the Mercedes GLA 180 more affordable enjoys an endowment very correct, although I must also say that may still lie down in lack some of the extras recommended. The Mercedes GLA already comes equipped with the entertainment system base with Bluetooth and USB connection (the system Radio Audio 20), bi-xenon headlamps with LED daytime running lights, automatic connection of lights, alloy wheels 18″, cruise control, cruise control, and detector of distractions, Attention Assist.


In Audi and BMW also we find the deals important in their todocamino compact, including Plan PIVE and require funding in conditions not very different to those of Mercedes-Benz.

Evidently, the example of the Mercedes GLA from 26.600€ it was very handy to speak to you about these deals, which in any case are not less interesting for those who are looking for a car, and assume that it will fund, and which will therefore carry with a whole series of commissions and interests.

Among its rivals, for example, we may find ourselves with a BMW X1 sDrive16d diesel with 116 HP of power from 29.300€, which also includes Plan PIVE, discount repurchase, and financing in 35 installments. The total payment is deferred finally, according to the simulation proposed by BMW, would amount to 33.721€.

Audi has also proposed similar promotions for their todocamino more affordable, the Audi Q3. The Audi Q3 in version Wanderlust is available from 27.200 euros, with the engine 1.4 TFSI 150 HP, and with financing with Audi Financial Services for 48 installments.

More information in comparison SUV premium compact 2016.

Source: Mercedes-Benz